Single-Plane vs Double-Plane MFU-V for Upper Arm Skin Laxity

A study compared the results of single-plane vs double-plane MFU-V for upper arm skin laxity treatment.

A study published in Laser in Surgery and Medicine evaluated the effectiveness of single-plane vs double-plane microfocused ultrasound visualization (MFU-V) for multiple upper arm skin laxity treatments.

Thirty patients were enrolled in the study, all with upper arm laxity, and were designated to undergo single-plane MFU-V treatment (4 MHz/4.5 mm transducer) on 1 arm and dual-plane treatment (4 MHz/4.5 mm and 7 MHz/3.0 mm transducer) on the other. Overall, there were 200 lines on each treatment arm that were assessed using the Investigate Assessment Skin Laxity Scoring System (IASLSS) with improvement scores given at 1, 3, and 6 months after treatment along with any adverse events (AEs). 

The investigators found that there was a small reduction of mean arm circumference on both arms with the mean physician rated improvement scores in the single-plane arm being 2.22 (±1.05) at 1 month, 2.70 (±1.32) at 3 months, and 1.61 (±0.79) at 6 months compared to the dual-plane arm with 2.00 (±1.00), 2.56 (±1.05), and 1.39 (±0.54), respectively. The single plane, according to the physician’s assessment, was more effective. 

IASLSS scores were similar, showing the single-plane treatment arm scores as 3.63 (±2.63) after 1 month, 3.69 (±2.83) at 3 months, and 1.90(±2.51) at 6 months compared to the dual-plane treatment arm scores of 3.5 (±2.57), 3.22 (±2.59), and 1.78 (±2.48) at the same month intervals. The pain score median was higher for the single-plane treatment at 2.6 vs 1.9 for dual-plane. No other AEs were reported, according to study investigators. 

The author’s concluded that both treatments achieved modest skin tightening for at least 3 months and noting that treatment should be chosen based on patient skin thickness. 


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