The Box by Dr. Ava: The Rise of Dermatologist Recommended Skin Care

Ava Shamban, MD, makes dermatologist recommended skin care and wellness products more accessible with the creation of her quarterly skin care box, The Box by Dr. Ava.

The skin care revolution is here, and consumers are hungry for new products aiming to soften wrinkles, give a glowing complexion, and rid the skin of dark spots and acne. However, not all skin care products are held to the same standard. For advice on what to use, some consumers go to the internet, which can result in misinformation and, in some cases, adverse reactions to products when used incorrectly.

“There are [a lot] of people who are skin enthusiasts and other people who are skin care addicts, you all know who you are,” says Ava Shamban, MD, founder and director of both AVA MD, and SKINxFIVE, Santa Monica, California. “You've got a medicine cabinet full of different bottles you may have thrown a little bit on and said, ‘Oh well, that marketing sounded really good, that packaging looks really pretty, I'm just [going to] try it.’ You spent anywhere from $20 to $250 on skin care that may not do you justice.”

In response, Shamban aims to make dermatologist recommended skin care and wellness products more accessible with the creation of her quarterly skin care box, The Box by Dr. Ava.

“Who wants The Box by Dr Ava? Well, either skin care addicts or skin care enthusiasts because you want to have a place [to] go and ask in-depth questions and have real answers,” says Shamban. “You [want to] listen to people who know, who have tried and true experience, and real background and information on the science behind the skin care.”

As the first dermatologist-curated skin care box on the market, Shamban is filling a marketplace gap, especially for those living in what she refers to as “derm deserts.” Unlike many skin care subscription boxes, the benefits don’t end when the package arrives. Along with a box of full-size products shipped 4 times a year, the subscription also gives access to a professional team through exclusive digital events, a private Facebook community to talk everything skin care, and tele-aesthetic consultations.

“The other important part of The Box is that when you join, you are joining a community of skin care addicts or skin care aficionados,” she says. “It's so important to have access to myself, to my staff, to a community where you can talk about your concerns and you can say, ‘Hey, this didn't work for my skin’, or ‘This is irritating’, or ‘I've got this problem, what can I do?’ We can schedule a tele-aesthetic visit. It's hard to get in to see a dermatologist, and you may not have that access depending on where you live. This is a way to get in the back door.”

Each box comes with skin care products hand-selected by Shamban to support different skin issues.

“When it comes to ingredients, we look for products that contain high-quality actives and I only include solutions that I would share with both my inner circle and patients,” she says.

Each individual box is valued at over $600 and priced at $250, or a yearly subscription of $850 for all 4.

“Like any other area of wellness, whether it's nutrition, fitness, or starting a meditation practice, consistency is key, and what better way to maintain consistency than to have a regularly delivered skin care box that has full-sized products,” says Shamban. “That's the ticket to prejuvenation—using your skin care every day, twice a day, 365 days a year, and having a community will keep you on track, make sure that your skin achieves everything that it wants to do.”

Inside the Spring Box:

Theraderm NuPeel

The Theraderm NuPeel is a natural enzyme peel using papaya/papain enzymes, aloe, pineapple, grape seed, green tea leaf, and cucumber to gently remove dead skin cells and promote glowing skin.


The MYSKINBUDDY is a compact handheld device utilizing 4 technologies, including the synergistic power of iontophoresis, effective LED wavelengths, ultrasonic vibration, and thermal heat therapy to deliver smooth, plump, and bright skin.

Aforé by Dr. Few CBD Effusive Mist

The CBD Effusive Mist is an antioxidant facial mist formulated using 100 milligrams of CBD nano-emulsion, green tea, vitamin C, and witch hazel. The mist is lightweight, hydrating, anti-inflammatory, depuffing, and helps ease skin redness.

Restorsea Repairing Neck and Decolletage Treatment

The Restorsea Repairing Neck and Decolletage Treatment is a gel serum designed to infuse 2% aquabeautine XL, 2% vitamin C, and 1% blue-green algae into the neck and chest to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Tiége Hanley Products and Voucher

The Tiége Hanley skin care system is marketed as uncomplicated skin care for men. In the spring box, recipients will receive the Tiége Hanley eye cream, scrub body bar, lip treatment, and a level 1 skin care voucher for $25.