Medico-legal Concerns for the Private Practice During COVID-19

In this 1-hour webinar, Dr. Randolph Waldman and a panel of experts drill down into the legal concerns physicians are facing that are unique to the #COVID19 time period, including liability risk, consents, and protection strategies.

Learn more about:

  • Where are the land mines located as you reopen your office?
  • What is the liability you face if a surgical patient gets COVID-19 three days after surgery?
  • Is there liability in the type and source of PPE you furnish to your staff?
  • Is there liability in the type and source of testing you use?
  • What about employment claims?
  • What will TV attorney ads be telling our patients going forward?
  • What are our duties to follow postop patients who call us and state they are COVID positive?
  • What about the employee who, in spite of our best efforts to follow all guidelines, still claims to be uncomfortable?