Tips For A More Successful Practice

In our tip this week, Cheryl Whitman offers 3 simple measures that can help to grow your practice.

Tips For A More Successful Practice

Three Simple Ideas To Help You Grow Your Practice.

If you would like to grow your practice, follow these three tips. First, ask your current patients for referrals. Most people are happy to refer their friends, but seldom think of doing so without being asked. Second, thank those people that are sending you referrals. A quick, hand-written note builds a huge amount of good will. Include a token gift with the note such as a $5 Starbucks gift card to show your appreciation. Better yet, give them a free product or a discount on a future service to encourage them to come back in. More traffic equals an increased bottom line. Finally, offer new products and services to existing clients. The first sale to a potential client is the most difficult. After a client has chosen to buy from you once, offer them incentives to keep buying from you. Loyalty clubs are a great way to do this. Follow these three tips and you will see more traffic through your door and more dollars flowing to your bottom line!

This tip is adapted from “Beautifully Profitable, Forever Profitable,” by Cheryl Whitman.

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