Aesthetic Authority: Coming this Week

This week, we talk with Dr. Mary Lynn Moran about her year as AAFPRS president, the pros and cons of the liquid nose job and more.

Big stories this week include women in aesthetics, the liquid rhinoplasty, marketing to younger patients, a new surgical blade technology and much more. Here’s your sneak peek:

The State of Aesthetics

VIDEO: Reflections from an Aesthetic Leader

Mary Lynn Moran, MD, talks with us about her year as president of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.


The Liquid Nose Job

Anna Chacon, MD, examines the pros, cons, safety profile, and techniques of the popular injectable treatment.

New Technology

A Nano-Perfected Surgical Blade

The company calls it “an ultra-smooth, precise, and consistent cutting surface,” for improved outcomes and clinical benefits.

The Aesthetic Practice

Connecting with Younger Patients

What’s the smartest strategy for marketing this holiday season? We’ve got insightful data from Fullscreen, a social content company, who says Millennials and Gen-Z have changing priorities and needs.