Tips for Injecting the Tear Troughs

Dr. Sheila Barbarino shares pearls for injecting the tear trough with dermal fillers.

HA Injections for Upper Eyelid Laxity

Dr. Amir Moradi discusses his approach to thicken the upper eyelid skin using hyaluronic acid injections.

Keeping the Aging Process at Bay

Dr. Suneel Chilukuri discusses taking nonsurgical tools and approaches that help to maintain and improve facial rejuvenation results.

Post-Bleph Dry Eye Syndrome

Dr. Stephen Perkins explains the incidence and treatment of dry eye syndrome and chemosis in patients post-blepharoplasty.

Device Review: Bodytite

In this monthly technology review, Dr. Michael Kluska examines Bodytite by InMode, including device overview, cost, ROI, patient perceptions, and candidate considerations.

Achieving the Ultimate Jawline

Dr. Michael Somenek discusses different treatment areas for achieving the ultimate jawline.