The Evolution of Aesthetics

Reinforcing Your Aesthetic Practice Through Social Media

A group of expert panelists gathered to discuss how social media can benefit your practice and how to best use it to your advantage.

Deep Dive into Microneedling with Energy-Based Devices

Victor Ross, MD, board-certified dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon in San Diego, California, spoke about different technologies available for microneedling and energy-based devices.

Shino Bay Aguilera, MD, Opens ABM Perspectives with a Bang

Opening the symposium in a circle of sparks and salsa dancing, Shino Bay Aguilera, MD, talks the importance of diversity and wellness in aesthetics.

A Guide to ABM’s “The Evolution of Aesthetics” Symposium

With in-person conferences coming out of the shadows and into the light once again, we detail a guide to Aesthetics Biomedical’s “Perspectives. The Evolution of Aesthetics” symposium happening July 24.

ABM Vivace Receives 2MHz FDA Clearance

Vivace microneedling device receives FDA clearance on 2MHz radiofrequency setting.

Regenerative Skin Care Realities

Experts evaluate the efficacy, safety of regenerative skin care products.