Skin Tightening

This Week in Aesthetics: September 13-17

This week in aesthetics, we highlight what's trending in skin care, 730 nm picosecond-domain laser for non-facial lentigines, and more.

Dermala is Granted Patent for Microbiome Anti-Aging

Dermala announces a patent for compositions and methods for preventing, slowing, and reversing skin aging.

This Week in Aesthetics: September 6-10

This week in aesthetics, we highlight this month’s “Meet the Aesthetic Expert” column, launch our new “Pointers with Dr Portela” weekly video, and more.

New Frontiers in Laser, Light, Optical Devices

Innovations include underserved populations, acne, and advanced applications.

This Week in Aesthetics: August 30 – September 3

This week in aesthetics, we announce our fall issue, Innovative Perspectives, highlight botulinum toxin A for upper lip enhancement, and more.

Innovative Perspectives: Aesthetic Authority Vol. 2: No. 3

In this Fall issue, Jack Zamora, MD, highlights stem cells for wound healing, Alan J. Bauman, MD, ABHRS, FISHRS, and Jessica A. Shepherd, MD, MBA, FACOG, discuss why physicians shouldn’t shrug off postpartum hair loss, and aesthetic physicians highlight the power of dermatology TikTok.