Pointers with Dr Portela: Diving into Laser Treatments

In this week’s Pointers with Dr Portela, the 208SkinDoc explains the differences between lasers that can be used for various treatment goals.

This Week in Aesthetics: November 22-26

This week in aesthetics, we highlight the most recent “Pointers With Dr. Portela”, winter skincare for neonates, and more.

International Consensus Recommend Acne Scar Treatments

Twenty four international plastic surgeons and dermatologists came together to provide a consensus on the treatment of acne scars.

This Week in Aesthetics: October 25-29

This week in aesthetics, we highlight this week’s “Pointers With Dr Portela”, we see what's trending in skin care and more.

Rejuvenating Laser Leads to Acne Agminate-Like Reaction

A recent case report highlights the importance of caution when using fractional laser resurfacing in patients with active or previous acne.

The “Baby” Brazilian Butt Lift

This week, consumer magazines highlight Allergan’s aesthetics marketing engine, vampire facials, and more.