Body Contouring

Female to Male Top Surgery Protocols

Mark Mandell-Brown, MD, details his treatment protocol for addressing female to male breast reduction surgically and through minimally invasive procedures.

Plastic Surgeons Are Now Accepting Cryptocurrency

This week, consumer magazines highlight plastic surgeons accepting cryptocurrency, the difference between top surgery and a mastectomy, and more.

This Week in Aesthetics: June 28 – July 2

This week in aesthetics, we highlight the FDA approval of Restylane Contour, a guide to Aesthetics Biomedical’s upcoming “The Evolution of Aesthetics” symposium, and more.

Single-Plane vs Double-Plane MFU-V for Upper Arm Skin Laxity

A study compared the results of single-plane vs double-plane MFU-V for upper arm skin laxity treatment.

A Guide to ABM’s “The Evolution of Aesthetics” Symposium

With in-person conferences coming out of the shadows and into the light once again, we detail a guide to Aesthetics Biomedical’s “Perspectives. The Evolution of Aesthetics” symposium happening July 24.

Black Trans Women Fight for Gender-Affirming Surgery Under Medicaid

This week, consumer magazines highlight 2 Black trans women’s fight for gender-affirming surgery under Medicaid, beauty secrets from Indian women, and more.