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Providing Clean Air and Peace of Mind for Your Patients, Providers, Staff, and Others

Give patients peace of mind with improved indoor air quality for your healthcare or medical facility

Weight Loss & Wellness Coaching to Benefit Your Patients & Practice

Boost your bottom line while helping your patients lose weight.

Evidence-Based Results: Combining PRX-T33/Microneedling

Dr. Zunaid Alli shares his journey to evidence-based results: PRX-T33/microneedling in combination for pores and scars.

Unlock Your Profit Potential with the Revolutionary PRX Protocol

Wiqo explains how to see familiar ingredients in a whole new way with PRX-T33.

“Effortless transformation” PRX-T33 revolution in aesthetic industry in the US

Since its introduction, WiQo PRX-T33 has taken the US by storm. An ideal care protocol for busy women, it does not require prolonged rehabilitation and has immediate results.