Cheryl Guttman Krader, BS, Pharm


Regenerative Medicine Gains Popularity

While regenerative medicine is still in its infancy, patient demand and ease of use are growing its popularity among aesthetic physicians. However, regulatory issues raise concerns.

Emerging Agents Augment Melasma Modalities

An array of agents for blocking visible light and lightening skin are joining the armamentarium to treat melasma. Despite this expanding number of therapeutic interventions, melasma is a chronic, therapeutically challenging disease for which there is no cure, so treatment plans should address both management of the disease and patient expectations.

Regulatory Issues in Regenerative Medicine

William P. Weschler, MD, offers tips on understanding and complying with regulations governing regenerative medicine.

Clinical Study Points to Oxytocin’s Anti-Aging Benefits

Patients with high oxytocin levels had significantly lower (more youthful-looking) skin age scores than expected, even with strong histories of lifetime sun exposure, according to a recent study.