Practice Management

This Week in Aesthetics: February 15-19

This week in aesthetics, we highlight the 2021 injectable pipeline, dermatology practice cybersecurity, and more.

Dermatology Practice Cybersecurity

Gary Salman discusses how to protect the practice from cybercriminals, plus the risks of not having cybersecurity measures in place.

This Week in Aesthetics: February 8-12

This week in aesthetics, we highlight TikTok’s influence on dermatology, a boom in clean beauty, and more.

TikTok and Its Influence on Dermatology

Dr. Angelo Landriscina discusses the recent rise and influence of TikTok over the dermatology industry.

AAFPRS Member Survey Shows Pandemic Effects on Aesthetic Trends

AAFPRS’s 2020 member survey examines the effect of COVID-19 on aesthetic trends, including an increase in surgical procedures, blepharoplasty, and rhinoplasty.

AACS WICS Event Speaker Talks Keynote Address

Dr. Deborah L. Benzil discusses her keynote address at AACS’s upcoming second annual Women in Cosmetic Surgery event, and uplifting women in medicine.