This Week in Aesthetics: March 15-19

This week in aesthetics, we discuss the EON touchless fat reduction device, reporting practice financial success during COVID-19, and more.

Avoiding COVID-19 Vaccine Legal Hurdles

As the COVID-19 pandemic slowly starts to ease, new questions arise about legalities related to vaccine requirements and medical practice staff.

Pandemic Aside, Many Report Financial Success in 2020. Now What?

Although the pandemic brought uncertainty for many physicians and medical practices, many report financial success in 2020.

The Rise of DermTok

This week, consumer magazines highlight the rise of dermatology TikTok, “COVID arm” vaccine side effects, and more.

This Week in Aesthetics: February 22-26

This week in aesthetics, we highlight COVID-19 vaccine filler reactions, cosmetic moisturizers and pharmaceutical vehicles, plus more.

Management and Reporting COVID-19 Vaccine Filler Reactions

Arianne Shadi Kourosh, MD, MPH, and Joe Niamtu, III, DMD, discuss adverse event reporting resources for COVID-19 vaccine filler reactions and the potential treatments when they occur.