Pointers with Dr Portela: How to Fix a Broken Skin Moisture Barrier

In this week's Pointers with Dr Portela, the 208SkinDoc explains how to repair the skin moisture barrier.

InMode Launches EmpowerRF Women’s Wellness Platform

InMode announces the launched of the EmpowerRF Women's Wellness platform to help deliver wellness therapies.

Combination Therapies with Monica Bonakdar, MD

We interview Monica Bonakdar, MD about her thoughts on combination therapies, how COVID-19 has affected her practice, and more.

New Frontiers in Laser, Light, Optical Devices

Innovations include underserved populations, acne, and advanced applications.

Meet the Aesthetic Expert with Dr Will Kirby: Azadeh Shirazi, MD

In this month’s “Meet the Aesthetic Expert” column, Will Kirby, DO, FAOCD, talks with Azadeh Shirazi, MD, board-certified dermatologist, founder of La Jolla Dermatology & Laser Surgery Center, and AziMD Skincare, about opening her own practice, aesthetic conferences, and her podcast, More than a Pretty Face.

Hair Loss After a Miscarriage

This week, consumer magazines highlight hair loss post-miscarriage, preventative Botox, and more.