Management and Reporting COVID-19 Vaccine Filler Reactions

Arianne Shadi Kourosh, MD, MPH, and Joe Niamtu, III, DMD, discuss adverse event reporting resources for COVID-19 vaccine filler reactions and the potential treatments when they occur.

Learning From COVID-19 Vaccine Filler Reactions

The small incidence of COVID-19 vaccine-induced filler reactions have raised new concerns pertaining to immunogenic activation and how to minimize potential risks.

TikTok’s Resurgence of Drugstore Skincare

This week, consumer magazines highlight the resurgence of Cerave, retinol for hair growth, and more.

This Week in Aesthetics: February 15-19

This week in aesthetics, we highlight the 2021 injectable pipeline, dermatology practice cybersecurity, and more.

Patient Safety Alert Issued Over Children Injecting HA via “Hyaluron Pens”

ASDSA has issued a patient safety alert after videos surface online of children/teens self-injecting HA via “hyaluron pens”.

Dermatology Practice Cybersecurity

Gary Salman discusses how to protect the practice from cybercriminals, plus the risks of not having cybersecurity measures in place.