This Week in Aesthetics: July 6-10

In case you missed it, this week we talked about LED therapy for capsular contracture, how to safely treat patients with darker skin types and more.

Featured Skincare for The Aesthetic Practice

From new summer launches to consumer favorites, our featured skincare includes sun care products, CBD drops and more.

LED Capsular Contracture Protocol

Use of LED device and milk thistle after surgery may significantly reduce the risk of re-encapsulation.

LED Therapy for Capsular Contracture

LED therapy for capsular contracture requires patient commitment, but outcomes are promising.

Dr. Obagi’s Skincare Routine for Dyschromia

Ephelides, lentigines, PIH, melasma? This is Dr. Suzan Obagi’s go-to skincare routine for patients with dyschromia.

How to Safely Treat Patients with Darker Skin Types

Dr. Suzan Obagi says she’s not afraid of causing PIH in darker skin types. She offers her expertise and approach to understanding and treating pigmentation issues.