This Week in Aesthetics: November 23-27

This week in aesthetics, we highlight HA injections for upper eyelid laxity, at-home hair loss devices, and more.

The Aesthetic Practice-Turned Gym?

In-office muscle toning plus fat reduction sets the stage for pandemic-inspired medical gym memberships.

10 Hair Restoration Trends

Dr. Sam Lam provides insights and updates into the latest and greatest in hair restoration methods and advances.

Skincare for the Aesthetic Practice

We cover the latest skincare trends in the consumer world to help keep aesthetic physicians in the know.

HA Injections for Upper Eyelid Laxity

Dr. Amir Moradi discusses his approach to thicken the upper eyelid skin using hyaluronic acid injections.

Virtual Retail Has A Strong Future

This week, Cheryl Whitman highlights the need for practices to embrace and expand their online presence through social media sites and retail opportunities during the pandemic.